Verleihung der MoFA-Junior Awards im Rahmen der 1. MoFA-Tagung 2019 (en translation)

The presentation of the MoFA Junior Awards to participants of the first MoFA conference was one of the highlights of the meeting. The award was given for the best talk and the best poster by participants in early career stages. We thank all applicants for their interesting and excellent contributions. Only two candidates could win, whom we want to present again here:


Martina Stockinger (University of Vienna) received the prize for the best talk “Presence and prevalence of non-indigenous molluscs in a Posidonia oceanica meadow in southern Crete”, in which she presented her research on the mollusc fauna of a seagrass meadow in southern Crete.

The poster prize for the contribution “Molecular characterization of gelatinous egg masses in the lucinid Loripes orbiculatus argues for an acquisition of bacterial symbionts from the environment” was given to Sarah Zauner (University of Vienna), who deals with the moon’s clam and its symbiotic sulfur bacteria.