Dear friends of malacology,

we are pleased to share the latest edition of the newsletter of the Malakologische Arbeitsgemeinschaft Salzburg.

We hope you enjoy reading and wish you a nice summer!

Dear MoFA members and friends of malacology!

The program of the MoFA excursion March-Donau-Floodplain on Friday 22.07.2022 is fixed.
We have the possibility to visit the WWF-protected area near Marchegg to search for molluscs in the wetland habitats.

Please register by Wednesday 20.07.2022 at Participation is free of charge.

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Dear MoFA members and friends of malacology!

For summer and autumn 2022, excursions are planned again. The first one will take us to the WWF-protected area near Marchegg on July 22.
In the renaturalized wetland there are different habitats, from flood ponds to the free-flowing stretches of the Morava River and its tributaries. It is planned to study the area in more detail ( subject to the approval of the WWF), especially with regard to aquatic molluscs. Interesting findings of rare native species (e.g. Theodoxus danubialis, Anisus vorticulus), as well as possibly new records of neozoa (e.g. Clathrocaspia knipowitschii), are expected.
After the excursion there is the possibility to stop at the Forsthaus in Stopfenreuth for food and drinks.

The full-day excursion will take place on Friday, July 22.
The exact meeting place and a detailed program will follow.

Please register soon (indicating if a ride is needed), no later than July 18 at

If the excursion cannot take place due to Corona, an alternative date will be set.

We look forward to your participation!

Dear MoFA members and friends of malacology!

In July 2022 there will be some interesting actions to record the biodiversity in the Austrian federal states.
For the group of molluscs, support is still needed for the recordings in Tyrol and Carinthia.

During a Day of Biodiversity, species of the respective organism group are recorded in defined study areas. It offers a great opportunity for exchange with experts of other organism groups. In addition, participation is also recommended for young researchers specifically interested in malacology. The recorded data will be forwarded to the organizers, and a joint contribution to the journal Arianta is planned.


July 8-9Day of Biodiversity 2022 in Tyrol (Ehrwald basin).

Please register directly with the organizer, there is a limited number of accommodations available. Supplementary determinations for the species list are possible until August 15. For the mollusc group, please also briefly contact a MoFA member on-site (Sonja Bamberger).

July 29-31Day of Biodiversity 2022 in the Hohe Tauern National Park (Malta Valley, Carinthia).

Registration for the actual event is already closed. Own observations in the region can be made until Sept. 30 and entered in
For a joint field trip to the study areas, please get in contact.

Part of the Ehrwald basin facing Biberwier, with the prominent Sonnspitze in the background.

Part of the Ehrwald basin facing Biberwier, with the prominent Sonnspitze in the background.

With pleasure we announce to our members, friends and interested malacologists that the brand-new issue of our MoFA JournalArianta 9 – has just been published. We thank all the authors, reviewers, proof-readers and editors, for their contributions and commitment. We hope that Arianta 9, with seven articles plus the abstracts of the MoFA conference 2021, will be appreciated by our readers. We are also confident that this issue will provide a stimulus for potential authors for future submissions.

Dear friends of malacology!

We are pleased to share with you the latest issue of the newsletter of the Malakologische Arbeitsgemeinschaft Haus der Natur, in which, among other things, the mollusk of the year is presented!

You can find the issue at the following link: .

We hope you enjoy reading it and wish you a wonderful pre-Christmas season!

With best regards
Hannah Schubert

The MoFA Conference 2021 took place in Vienna on the 23rd of September. The decision to organize this conference as a hybrid meeting (physically and online) was by no means an easy one for us. The arguments for and against were strong because planning was uncertain due to unpredictable developments of the Covid19 pandemic and the efforts necessary were not easy to assess.

In the end, we experienced a small but fine conference with about 40 participants and 11 presentations. The people physically present enjoyed being there, because in the past year we had built up a noticeable deficit in scientific and social meetings. On the other side, the virtual participants encouraged us, and we felt the scientific participation and personal sympathy and were encouraged to stick to this format: Those who can come personally are happy about it, those who can’t, still have the chance to be there online!

Purely “physical” was the excursion on Schneeberg mountain on the 2nd day. We experienced a violent storm of up to 100 km/h, with remarkable light and weather conditions, and the 11 participants enjoyed the autumnal mountains and turned their attention to the alpine snail fauna. We will report on this in ARIANTA.

We heartily congratulate the winners of the student awards, Hannah Schubert, Stephan Schulreich and Nikolaus Helmer, and thank everyone who participated. We are convinced that in the end we all were winners!



Dear MoFa members and friends of malacology!

The planning of the 2. MoFA meeting was somehow delayed due to covid19. Now we are happy to announce the date of the 2nd MoFA meeting on Thursday, 23. September 2021. The meeting will be online, which means that a participation including presentations will be possible via Zoom. In case the COVID19 situation allows, we will organize a hybrid meeting at the Natural History Museum Vienna. This will be decided in August.

Besides the scientific program on 23. September, we plan a field excursion on 24. September – if weather allows – to the Schneeberg, where we may find Cylindrus obtusus and other gastropods of the alpine zone. We may also visit interesting Clausiliid populations at Puchberg.

We hope to attract scientists at all stages of their scientific career to promote their networking. Contributions from all fields of malacology are welcome!

As with our first meeting, we announce that the MoFA Junior Award will be awarded for the participants in early career stage: For MSc as well as PhD studies two awards each will be given (each 300 € / 200 € for talk / short presentation).

Please spread this information among colleagues.
Conference language is English.
Please register and submit your contributions soon to allow proper planning; at the latest 31. July 2021.
We are looking forward to meeting you in September!

Details and Registration
Details und Registrierung

Dear friends of malacology!

We are pleased to distribute the program of the 2021 MoFA Meeting [updated 17th September 21]. The scientific meeting will be held physically as well as online via Zoom. The link will be sent out to the participants soon.

Registration is still possible today: team@molluskenforschung
Please see further information at our homepage.

Kind regards,
Hannah Schubert

Dear MoFA members and friends of malacology!

We are pleased to announce that the Annual Conference of the “Deutsche Malakozoologische Gesellschaft” will take place on 21. and 22. May 2021 as an online meeting. This is an opportunity for guests to take part without travelling and further costs. There are still open slots for presentations. The conference language is german.

Details can be found in the information file.