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Reminder – MoFA excursion in autumn 2022

For the MoFA excursion on 22 September with the topic Mollusc fauna of the Miocene seas of Lower Austria, there are still spots available. Registrations are possible until 13 September at team@molluskenforschung.at. The participation is free of charge. More information →pdf

Invitation to submit manuscripts – new “early view” system

Dear MoFA members and people interested in molluscs! We invite you to submit manuscripts for the new volume 10/2023 of our association´s journal Arianta and we are pleased to announce the following innovation for submissions: From now on, Arianta publications will be published online on our homepage as an “early view” version immediately after completion. […]

MoFA excursion in autumn 2022

Dear friends of malacology! After postponing the excursion twice, it is now time that on 22. September 2022, Oleg Mandic will introduce us to the seas of the Miocene in Lower Austria. We will meet the mollusc fauna of Nexing (Muschelberg), of the „Sandgrube Wohlmuth“ in Kleinebersdorf and at the Buchberg bei Mailberg. Finally, we […]

WCM 2022 in Munich, Germany

The World Congress of Malacology (WCM) is the tri-annual Unitas meeting, with its 60th birthday in 2022. In 2022, the conference is organised on behalf of UNITAS Malacologica by a team from LMU, SNSB and the TU Munich directed by the president of UNITAS Malacologica, Gerhard Haszprunar. From 1. – 5. August 2022, malacologists from all […]

Program of the MoFA Excursion March-Danube-Floodplain 2022

Dear MoFA members and friends of malacology! The program of the MoFA excursion March-Donau-Floodplain on Friday 22.07.2022 is fixed. We have the possibility to visit the WWF-protected area near Marchegg to search for molluscs in the wetland habitats. Please register by Wednesday 20.07.2022 at team@molluskenforschung.at. Participation is free of charge. More information → pdf

MoFA excursion in summer 2022

Dear MoFA members and friends of malacology! For summer and autumn 2022, excursions are planned again. The first one will take us to the WWF-protected area near Marchegg on July 22. In the renaturalized wetland there are different habitats, from flood ponds to the free-flowing stretches of the Morava River and its tributaries. It is […]

Days of biodiversity in July 2022

Dear MoFA members and friends of malacology!

In July 2022 there will be some interesting actions to record the biodiversity in the Austrian federal states.
For the group of molluscs, support is still needed for the recordings in Tyrol and Carinthia.

During a Day of Biodiversity, species of the respective organism group are recorded in defined study areas. It offers a great opportunity for exchange with experts of other organism groups. In addition, participation is also recommended for young researchers specifically interested in malacology. The recorded data will be forwarded to the organizers, and a joint contribution to the journal Arianta is planned.