Malacological findings at the Tag der Artenvielfalt (Day of Speciesdiversity) 2017 in Alland in the biosphere reserve Vienna Woods

brief summary of a post from Michael Duda, Otto Moog, Jan Steger, Erhard Christian, Alexander Mrkvicka

Every year the management of the biosphere reserver Wienerwald organises the Day of species diversity. The aim of this event is to get as many experts of different species groups as possible together and visit interesting areas of the biosphere reserve to get an overview of the diversity of this region. The results are then shown to the public in a nice event in the afternoon, where visitors also can join guided tours and gather information about different organsisms at some information desks. Finally, a popular science booklet is published with the results of this year.

In 2017 the society MoFA was represenred by 4 experts, Michael Duda, Otto Moog, Alexander Mrkvicka and Jan Steger. In total the group of Erhard Christian, Michael Duda, Otto Moog, Georg & Alexander Mrkvicka and Jan Steger could find 67 mollusc taxa. Especially the finding of living individuals of the FFH-listed species Vertigo angustior as well as three further Vertigo species is very remarkable. Furthermore, Ancylus fluviatilis was found in the river Schwechat, a species then only occurs in very clear waters and is not very abundant in the area of the Vienna Woods.

Acanthinula aculeata
Aegopinella cf. nitens
Aegopis verticillus
Alinda biplicata
Ancylus fluviatilis
Arianta arbustorum
Arion fuscus
Arion rufus
Arion silvaticus
Arion vulgaris
Bythinella austriaca
Carychium minimum
Carychium tridentatum
Cepaea hortensis
Chondrina avenacea
Clausilia rugosa parvula
Cochlicopa lubrica
Cochlodina laminata
Columella edentula
Daudebardia sp.
Discus perspectivus
Discus rotundatus
Eucobresia sp.
Euomphalia strigella
Fruticicola fruticum
Galba truncatula
Granaria frumentum
Gyraulus sp.
Hauffenia cf. wienerwaldensis
Helicodonta obvoluta
Helix pomatia
Hygromia cinctella
Limax cinereoniger
Macrogastra ventricosa
Merdigera obscura
Monachoides incarnatus
Nesovitrea hammonis
Oxychilus cellarius
Oxychilus draparnaudi
Oxyloma elegans
Oxyloma sp.
Pagodulina pagodula
Pagodulina pagodula altilis
Petasina sp. (juv.)
Petasina unidentata
Pisidium cf. casertanum
Pisidium spp.*
Potamopyrgus antipodarum
Punctum pygmaeum
Radix balthica
Radix labiata
Semilimax semilimax
Succinea putris
Succinella oblonga
Trochulus hispidus
Truncatellina cylindrica
Vallonia costata
Vallonia pulchella
Vertigo angustior
Vertigo antivertigo
Vertigo pusilla
Vertigo pygmaea
Vitrea diaphana
Vitrea subrimata
Vitrina pellucida
Xerolenta obvia
Zonitoides nitidus