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Arianta 7 published

We are pleased to announce that Arianta 7 has been published:

Haring, E., Sattmann, H., & Patzner, R. A. (Eds.). (2019). Arianta 7. Wien: Verlag des Naturhistorischen Museums Wien. Download

Arianta 7 includes the abstracts from the first MoFA Meeting 2019 in Salzburg, excursion reports and original papers. In this volume, you find also the instructions for authors. We are already looking forward to the next issue of Arianta and we invite all readers to submit their work to our journal (team@molluskenforschung.at).

11. October 2019 MoFA lecture in the course of the exhibition “Stretch out your feelers!” – Snails in their full splendor” in the Biology Centre in Linz, Upper Austria


2:00 pm Guided tour through the mollusc collection in the depository of the Upper Austrian Museum in Linz
Meeting point in front of Lindengasse 7 in 4040 Linz

4:00 pm Biology Center Linz, visit of the current exhibition “Stretch out your feelers! Snails in their full splendor” in the exhibition rooms and in the ecopark of the Biology Centre

6:00 pm Evening event in the Biology Centre

MoFA lecture in the course of the exhibition “Stretch out your feelers!” – Snails in all their glory

Dear friends of malacology! In the course of the accompanying programme of the exhibition “Stretch out your feelers!” – Snails in all their glory (17. 05.2019 – 01. 03.2020 at Biology Centre Linz) there will be several mollusk-related activities, some oft them also interesting for children. Please have a look at the six-month programme of […]

Awarding of the MoFA Junior Awards at the 1st MoFA meeting 2019

The presentation of the MoFA Junior Awards to participants of the first MoFA conference was one of the highlights of the meeting. The award was given for the best presentation and the best poster by participants in early career stages. We thank all applicants for their interesting and excellent contributions. Only two candidates could win, whom we want to get in front of the curtain again here:

First MoFA conference – a pleasant meeting

On 26th and 27th of June we held the first conference of the young society Mollusc Research Austria (MoFA) in Salzburg. The first day was devoted to scientific lectures and posters as well as the awarding of Junior Awards. All contributions were exciting and well presented and the day offered broad thematic diversity. The group […]

Final program for the 1st MoFA conference on 26th-27th June 2019 in Salzburg

Dear friends of malacology!

With pleasure we send out the final program for the MoFA conference, which will take place on 26th – 27th June 2019 in Salzburg. The program is very diverse and we are happy to meet the participants next week and are looking forward to an interesting and stimulating meeting. We hope those who cannot attend this time will be able to attend the next MoFA conference.

Final program of the 1st MoFA meeting on 26th-27th June 2019 in Salzburg [pdf]

Brochure for the exhibition “Streck die Fühler aus”

For the exhibition “Streck die Fühler aus”, which will open next week at the Biologiezentrum in Linz, the accompanying brochure is already available online. Members of MoFA, together with the colleagues in Linz, contributed significantly to the brochure in image and text. We are pleased that the cooperation was so constructive and that this beautiful publication was realized.


Sattmann, H., Aescht, E., Haring, E., Bisenberger, A. & Duda, M. (2019): Streck die Fühler aus. Schnecken in ihrere vollen Pracht. – Linz (Biologiezentrum des Oberösterreichischen Landesmuseums).